How to draw PUBG Vest of Level 1,2,3 Vest Drawing with free gun skin | worldart4u

How to draw PUBG Vest of Level 1,2,3 Vest Drawing with free gun skin | worldart4u

1 Level one Police Vest

Police Vest two hundred sturdiness
30% injury reduction

With level one vest, that ought to be absolutely the minimum you've got on in the least times, you'll block around half-hour of every shot, that is kind of a big quantity. At times, after you area unit pillage a high worth space, it is straightforward to skip that initial level one, thinking you're absolute to notice level 2 soon, however that's a terrible plan, perpetually choose it up.

The key stats for level one vest area unit largely once it involves five.56 ARs, SMGs and shotguns. we tend to don’t have official values for any price in PUBG, however a great deal of testing from varied places suggests that level one vest suggests that it'll take four body shots from a five.56 AR to kill, rather than 3 while not a vest. For SMGs it pushes the bullets to kill range up by 2 for almost the Tommy gun and also the same goes for shotguns, pushing the S1897 and S686 to an enormous six bullets to kill.

 2 Level a pair of Police Vest 

Police Vest 220 sturdiness

40% injury reduction

With simply a tenth increase in injury reduction the distinction between level one and level 2 isn’t all that massive, therefore don’t be too involved if you can’t notice one. However, there area unit many key weapons that this can shield you from, and in fact the additional 100 percent normally is often sensible.

A level 2 can provide higher protection against all of the common marksman rifles. A Kar98k goes from almost 2 shotting you with level one, to a transparent 3 shot with level 2. whereas the SKS and mini fourteen can currently need four sensible body shots rather than 3, that is way a lot of manageable. it'll additionally almost create the five.56 ARs 5 shot you rather than four, however the injury is therefore near to four shotting that the distinction isn't all that helpful.

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3 Level three Military Vest

Military Vest  250 sturdiness

55% injury reduction

The Military Vest is in fact the dream, with an enormous fifty fifth injury reduction that provides you a big advantage in shut vary fights.

The level 3 another time adds round to kill on commonest snipers, with the Kar98k taking four shots and also the mini fourteen an enormous six. though if you let somebody get six shots on you with a mini one thing has gone wrong. It additionally makes the small Uzi and S12K pretty useless, as each can take ten bullets to the chest to bring you down.

While fifty fifth injury reduction is nice, it's price memory that sturdiness could be a key issue. likelihood is you're about to take multiple shots to the world, and vests can get broken. If you're rocking a full health level 2 middle means through the sport and so notice 1 / 4 health level 3 on a body, perhaps leave that wherever it's. likelihood is that if you are taking another bullet or 2 that level 3 are destroyed, and you'll have third injury reduction for the remainder of the spherical. Not a perfect scenario.

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