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pubg helmet

1. Level one motorcycle Helmet
80 strength30% hurt reduction pubg helmetIn terms of hurt reduction, the helmets follow constant structure as a result of the vests, merely with less strength for each level. However, with headshots being the key to quick kills they are arguably heaps of importantthat's why you need to never miss level one helmet.

Without a helmet, all snipers and ARs, except the VSS, will take you down with one headshot. but with level one hat, all ARs, the SKS and mini will take a pair of bullets. that is a huge distinction, as a result of it offers you some time to react and conceal. It together helps out with all the other weapons, usually supply you with a second or a pair of heaps of to battle it out.

pubg helmet level 2 

150 strength 
 hurt reduction40%

While the {numbera pair of vest makes some vast changes in what number shots it will need bring you down, the quantity a pair of helmet could be a heap of of alittle upgrade throughout this department. Most things will still be capable of taking you down with merely a pair of shots, but the hurt reduction means that if a head shot turns into a body shot, you will be able to live a brief time longer. pubg helmet

Perhaps the key here is that the just about double strength. whereas it's progressing to need you never manage to hit a headshot yourself, arextremely pretty common and as a result level one are usually gone once just one fight. the quantity a pair of encompasses a small amount heaps of to itand might last tons longer. Not having a helmet is pretty fateful, thus keep the durability have faith in mind .pubg helmet

pubg level 3 helmet

230 strength
55% hurt reduction

The level three helmet is where things get terribly fun. alone the AWM is capable of taking you down with ammunition presently, with the likes of the Kar98k and M24 dropping all the strategy right all the way down to a pair of. strictly for this reality you need to forever take level three, as a results of getting one shotted is that the foremost frustrating think about PUBG. Elsewhere, all the 5.56 weapons drop to three shots to kill, that's reasonably high, and shotguns become pretty useless, upping to four and five shots to kill. Be warned that the Last Frontier continues to be capable of two shotting you even with level threepubg helmet

Once again, the increase strength might be a large issue, and in spite of everything a clean level three is what you need to be rocking. where things dissent from vests is when you have to be compelled to stop taking level threethe massive distinction in strength means that a zero.5 broken level three will still last just about as long as a full level a pair of, and additionally the hurt block is massively important. Really, you merely have to be compelled to be dropping or ignoring level three in favour of level a pair of once it gets right all the way down to say 10 or 15 August 1945 strength. Even then, some people will take a one strength level three over level a pair of if they grasp there is a huge shot or a pair of inside the sport, as that one strength area unit progressing to be the excellence between getting killed with ammunition, or two. pubg helmet

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